Public Speaking & Appearances

Andra Millian L.Ac., C.H. is a vibrant, fun and exciting public speaker. She loves to share her knowlege and is available to conduct an informal talk, ‘brown bag’ event, or presentation on a variety of whole health subjects for your corporation, special interest group or organization.

Austin Onsite Acupuncture is also happy to participate your corporate Health & Wellness Fair.

Please contact Andra Millian L.Ac. directly with your request via email or by calling the office at (512) 892-0288.


Andra Millian’s numerous public speaking events and workshops include:

• Apple Computer
• UT Employees
• UT Lamplighters
• American Heart Association
• City of Austin Treasury Dept.
• Austin Herb Society
• Barton Creek Womens Association,
• Mothers and More,
• Austin Business Women’s Association,
• Brighton Gardens Assisted Living,
• Menierre’s Syndrome Support Group.

Budget Health Nut

Andra is the resident Nutrional Expert on Budget Health Nut, an online & podcast cooking show. At the end of the episode, she speaks to the nutritional value of the dishes made. Her episodes include: Stir Fry, Beef Enchiladas, Port Chops, Stuffed Chicken, Brisket and Eggplant Parmesean.

Continuing Education for Acupuncturists

As Clinicians we have all had our share of difficult to treat cases. In this course, students will learn techniques for obtaining faster results in some of the most difficult cases including severe paralysis from stroke or spinal cord injury. Learn how acupuncture works from western biomedical and recent research. Learn about scalp micro systems and the range of disorders that can be treated. Learn the repetitive treatment paradigm necessary for immediate results. Point/zone location, needling and other stimulation techniques to manage Qi and get fast results.

For more information, please email Andra.

Sign up to take the online course here.

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