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Chinese therapeutic nutrition is a complete system of dietary principles based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its emphasis is on maintaining a balanced, flexible diet rather than following rigid dietary rules. For the past five thousand years, fresh, commonly eaten foods and eating habits have provided the basis for maintaining health and treating disease. Acording to the rules of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specific ‘groceries’ are ‘prescribed’ or ‘cautioned’ based on an individual’s sypmtom pattern. Dietary Therapy using easily obtainable, common foods has proven to be an essential, and delicious component for dealing with many chronic and disabling ailments.

Seasonal Cleanses
The saddle seasons aren’t a reference to herding livestock, but the best times of the year to cleanse and recharge our body’s energy. For many centuries, traditional oriental medicine emphasizes the importance of cleansing one’s system during seasonal shifts. The Saddle or ‘in between’ seasons of spring and fall occur between hot summer vacations and the cold, winter holidays.

A short seasonal cleanse can give your body a break from the effort it expends digesting rich food and instead, divert some of that energy into expelling toxins and healing itself. Wonderful benefits take place after eliminating stress. Reducing toxic intake and making small but important improvements in our nutrition through cleansing allows us to reduce the likelihood or severity of allergic symptoms and degenerative illness.

A word of caution against extended, medically unsupervised water fasts or beginning any cleansing program without professional medical supervision: it is highly recommended that all cleansing be under the supervision of a licensed practioner. Frequently, doctors work with dieticians to recommend appropriate herbs and supplements based on specific health concerns to maximize the best possible outcome for those who wish to have a successful cleanse experience. Most people do well with cleansing every six months or two times a year, preferably in the saddle seasons. Cleansing more than four times a year, especially for people who are weak, have just had surgery or given birth, can be quite taxing on their delicate systems.

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Budget Health Nut

Andra is the resident Nutrional Expert on Budget Health Nut, an online & podcast cooking show. At the end of the episode, she speaks to the nutritional value of the dishes made. Her episodes include: Stir Fry, Beef Enchiladas, Port Chops, Stuffed Chicken, Brisket and Eggplant Parmesean.

Body Fat Testing

A helpful addition to your health goals is Body Fat Testing, a service Andra is able to provide alongside nutrition consultation. Watch this clip from the CBS Early Morning Show and find out more…

“Thin on the Outside, Fat on the Inside.” Could this be you?

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